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JDDY Automatic Titration Analyzer

2017-04-11 04:51:17
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JDDY Automatic Titration Analyzer

Product name:JDDY Automatic Titration Analyzer
Product type: JDDY Automatic Titration Analyzer
      JDDY Automatci Titration Analyzer achieve automatically detect multiple grain and oil quality indicators;establish a titration analysis platform,it can be used to determine the other endpoint titration analysis based on the color change.Widely used in Inspection agancies,grain enterprises,agriculture,food processing and Research Institution.
     1.It use DSP technology to improve system efficience,it use new dosing pump to improve instruments precisions and anti-jamming-capacity
        2.Separate PC,usd embedded technology to achieve equipment miniaturization
        3.The instruments can automatci titration,data processing,display,save and print
        4.While achieving automatic detection multiple indexes of fat acid value,peroxide value,grain acidity,sugar&rice,corn`s fat acid value
        5.Test method is consistent with existing national standards,whioutt any special materials and reagents
      6.The instruments uses machine vision technology and non-contact measurement,the senor&titration do not contact reagent,to avoid contamination,easy to maintain.
      7.Operation and automatic titration can be separated,which will reduce chance of exposure to toxic and hazardous susbtance.
      8.The instruments passed National Standard Verification Assessment by National Food Authority Standard Quality Center






(Rice,corn fat acid value twin test difference



Oil acid value twin test

Complies with national stanard


POV twin test relative deviation



Grain acidity twin test difference

≤0.50alkalinty ml/10g sample


sugar twin test difference



gross weight


composition can be customized according to orders,chemical products apply to technical industry and food industry,so they are safe and reliableHolding a long-term cooperation with specialized foundries whose annual output reaches 50000 tons can provide sufficient supply and free customers from woerries5 professional after-saies staffs who have at    least 5-year experience are on line waiting for your consultation

 Chemical Product:

plastic woven bag/ paper bag(25KG/BAG or50LBS/BAG)+waterproof bag


waterproof bag+ bubble+ wooden box

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Q1. What kind of suppliers you are?

A We are a professional manufacturer for chemical products.


Q2. What are the main products?

A: our main products include STPP, TSP, SHMP and MKP


Q3. Can I have a sample order?

A: Yes. We welcome chemical sample order to test and check our quality


Q4. How long is the validity of quotation?

A: Generally, our price is valid within one month from the date of quotation. The price will be adjusted appropriately as the price fluctuation of raw material in the market.