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Rhodiola Rosea Extract CAS 10338-51-9

2016-09-23 18:29:10
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Rhodiola Rosea Extract CAS No.:10338-51-9

Rhodiola Rosea Extract Product information :


Product nameRhodiola rosea extrat RhodiolaCrenulataExtract
Cas NO.10338-51-9
Molecular weight300.3
Molecular formulaC14H20O7
Specifications:1%~3% by HPLC
AppearanceBrown fine powder
Storage conditionSealed, avoid light, dry place
PackingInternal packing; double PE bags
Outer packing: fiber drums











Rhodiola Rosea Extract CAS 10338-51-9 

Product advantages :

      •Anti hypoxia, anti fatigue: it can rapidly improve the combination of hemoglobin and oxygen ability, improve the blood oxygen saturation, reduce the body's oxygen consumption, increase exercise endurance, fatigue recovery after exercise
      •Anti radiation: significantly inhibited radiation caused by the heart and liver LPO (lipid peroxide), protect the cell membrane and lipids.
      •Anti-aging effect : significantly increase SOD (superoxide dismutase) activity, the scavenging free radicals, inhibit lipid peroxide production



Rhodiola Rosea Extract CAS 10338-51-9


      •GMP: we obey the SOPs from the raw meterials to the final products release and we do the manufacturing in accordance with GMP.
      QC:  our QC are all experienced.
      QA: there are about 15 QA personnel to assurance the product quality and the trace-ability.

Company information


SICHUAN JISHENG BIOPHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD is located in high-tech industrial zone of Leshan, Sichuan province . It has 2 branch companies called Sichuan Elegbacaepharm Co., Ltd and Sichuan Jisheng Health Medicine Co., Ltd . And Sichuan Elegbacaepharm Co., Ltd was founded in 2005,has a pharmaceutical production license and get a new version of GMP certificate. We are a professional enterprise for research, development, customizing manufacture, services and trade of biochemical reagent, health medicine, intermediates,pharmaceutical raw materials and health medicine raw materials.

Trade information:

Minimum quantity1KG
Payment termsT/T, D/A,
PackingInner packing: double PE bags
Outer packing: fiber drum








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