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2017-05-01 17:47:01
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how to get rid of mosquitoes?

you need mosquito magnet, you need mosquito trap, BREEZE is your good choice!


The first generation product was thoroughly tested and approved by Chinese CDC in Beijing
Low Power LED light source attracts mosquitos in the dark as if in the dawn or dusk
Lower the complications from take in too many light seeking bugs
Sole proprietary formula to attract the night attacking Anopheles ssp, Culex ssp and Egyptian Anopheles ssp mosquitos

Range: Indoor And Balcony

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ECO-friendly Technology
Patented Mosquitos Control DeviceWill Protect your home 24/7


Material: Plastic
Colors: White, Dark Cocoa
Dimension: 16*12*19cm
Power Adaptor: Input 100-240V, Output DC12V
Power Consumption: 3.5watts
Accessories: Power adaptor, Attractant
Attractant model: MXA-01
Effective Area: 200 square meters
Application: For all indoor venues including garage and corridor etc.


Tested effective for Anopheles ssp, Culex ssp and Aedes and Egyptian Aedes mosquitos

Effective especially for blood sucking female mosquitos to stop the reproductive cycle to control the populations

Uniquely Patented Attractant

Golden Formula

Food grade raw material
safe and eco-friendly

Mimic human flavors

No place for mosquitos to hide

Do not buy ordinary mosquito lamp, unless you understand the carbon dioxide mosquito lamp

If you do not know how to buy a mosquito lamp, please follow CCTV to buy


The experimental results, in June the average daily catches 524 mosquitoes
A mosquito killing lamp with breathe
Imitation of the human body, poisonous mosquitoes prefer

Mosquito visual distance of not more than 10 meters

Mosquitoes can sense the release of carbon dioxide from mammals

Mosquitoes can find carbon dioxide currents over 60 meters

Mosquitoes can find people by carbon dioxide flow
Dr. MAGNET developed the bait, can simulate the release of carbon dioxide smell of human beings, thus attracting mosquitoes
SGS non-toxic testing report
30 days, 3 kWh
Power saving, quiet, safe, 0 radiation

This is the carbon dioxide mosquito killing lamp

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