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XYMF-8813 PTFE With Graphite Packing

XYMF-8813 PTFE With Graphite Packing

Manufacturer: Cixi xin ying sealing parts co.,ltd
Address: Henghe Industry District,Cixi City Zhejiang China.

it is a kind of packing made of graphite PTFE wire which is made of PTFE fiber with graphite powder and certain thermostable lubricant

low coefficient of friction: the packing has well stability and ling service life
The packing has well heat conductivity and tensile strength
The packing has excellent self-lubrication: it will not damage the axostyle ?

usually, it is applied in the dynamic sealed part with a high linear velocity ( 16 M/S ) and it is used in sealing alkali, solvent, water, steam pump and so on.

contact: 181827969@qq.com
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