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XYMF-8806 Aramid (Kevlar) Fiber Packing

XYMF-8806 Aramid (Kevlar) Fiber Packing

Manufacturer: Cixi xin ying sealing parts co.,ltd
Address: Henghe Industry District,Cixi City Zhejiang China.

it is weaved by aramid fiber with high strength (aramid fiber of DUPONT, KEVLAR, or AKZO, or domestic companies), and it is soaked in PTFE emulation and lubricant.

it can be the substitute of asbestos packing, it performance is better than asbestos packing, and it has longer service life, it can be used in the conditions which asbestos packing cannot provide good results, such as: paper pulp, mortar, tin mine, and feed pump in power plant and other media containing particles.

KEVLAR fiber has stronger intensity and modulus than steel wire, therefore, it can be installed separately with other packing or as the boundary ring for weak acid and weak alkali other than hydrofluoric acid and sulphuric acid.

contact: 181827969@qq.com
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