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Flow Meters(Voltage-type Vortex-shedding)

Flow Meters(Voltage-type Vortex-shedding)

Manufacturer: Anhui Zhongyuan Instrument Co., Ltd
Address: Qilitang Industrial Zone, Zhangwa Road, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China

Technical Parameters:

VA Vortex-shedding Flow Meter is introduced from VOAL, Japan.

Clamp-on Type Nominal Diameter: Ф15, 25, 40, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300mm

Range Ratio: 10:1

Precision: ±1.%

Repeatability: ±1.2%

Extreme Service Pressure: 4.0Mpa

Flow Temperature: between 40 and 300

Applicable Media: liquid, gas, steam (saturated and superheated) 

Shock Resistance: 1.0g

Material: a. Body: C(SUS316) or D(SUS304); b. Triangle pole: or ; c. Carrying cylinder:

Nominal Diameter: Ф350 to 200mm, the plug-in type vortex-shedding flow transmitter adoptable


VA-X(D) Intelligent Vortex-shedding Flow Meter

VA-X external 24VDC power

VA-XD built-in battery’s power supply, continuous service life 1 year

6-Bit LCD, clear and direct display

VA-Q submerged vortex-shedding flow transmitter

Applicable to humid or submerged conditions, with the signal lead out of water

contact: 181827969@qq.com
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